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  • 1953: founded as Department of Navigation, Provincial Taiwan Maritime Technology.
  • 1964: promoted as Department of Navigation, Provincial Taiwan College of Marine and Oceanic Technology and an evening course also established, however, canceled in 1978.
  • 1966: a two-year academic program added but canceled in 1968.
  • 1979: promoted as Department of Navigation, National Taiwan Marine and Oceanic College.
  • 1985: renamed as Department of Marine Transportation.
  • 1989: promoted as Department of Marine Transportation, National Taiwan Ocean University.
  • 1992: renamed as Merchant Marine Department.
  • 2000: M.S. course in Merchant Marine Department established.
  • 2001: EMBA in Merchant Marine Department started.


Founding mission

Merchant Marine Department commits itself to education by providing a wide range of training programs for officers, captains and on duty engineers. Its principal objective is to cultivate researchers and professionals and to utilize their skills in the engineering system and management of merchant marine.

Education Goal

MMD focuses on education, practical training and academic research. It not only continuously improves the quality of education, but also upgrades the facilities in each laboratory. In addition, MMD obtains research projects actively from National Science Council, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Ministry of Education and Harbor Bureau; hosts industrial lectures; joins and holds academic conferences, establishing close links with the shipping industry and government officials.

Therefore, based on the perspectives of IMO and the core value established, MMD equips graduates and postgraduates with the competencies of the shipping expertise and research in the domains of marine transportation, shipping management & maritime science technology, associated with the accomplishments of humaneness and technology.