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Navigation equipments

Item Quantity
Global Positioning System(GPS) 1
IC tester 1
Global Positioning System(GPS) 1
Sextant 15
Model for cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 2
Azimuth circle 2
Life raft for 10 people 1
Oscilloscope 8
Global Positioning System(GPS) 1
Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) 1
Multiple Mission Ship handling Simulator 1
Education apparatus for canvas and rope work 10
Automatic Radar Plotting Aid(ARPA) 1
Autopilot 2
Marine auto-steering instruments 1
Scenery Batten 3
Waveform Generators 8
oil tanker simulator system 1
Inspirator 5
Differential Global Positioning System(DGPS) 4
Navigation management System Integration 2
Vessel structure simulator system 1
Generator with scan mode 2
Life raft 1
Lifeboat 2
Star finder 100
Automatic Identification System(AIS) 2
Signal communication training equipment 201
Radio transceiver 1
Chronometer 17
Radar simulator system 1
Radio buoy 1
Magnetic compass 2
Data-conditioning equipment 1
Ship handling Simulator 1
Diving suit 1
Satellite transponder 1
Spectrum analyzer 1
Equipments for anchor work 10
Compass 2
Gyratory compass 1


Professional Classrooms

Chart Classroom

Sea Survival Room

Electronics Laboratory

Seamanship Classroom

ARPA Simulator Room

Radar Plotting Classroom

General Navigation Room

Visual Communication Classroom

Seafarer Training Center Classroom

Oil Cargo Handling Simulator Room


Teaching Rooms

Computer classroom

10 air-conditioned classrooms for undergraduates.


Research Rooms

2 conference rooms

2 student reading rooms

2 air-conditioned classrooms for postgraduates.

31 research rooms for teachers and graduated students



Chairman Office

Life Jacket Room

Teacher Lounge Room

Department Office, MMD

Seafarer Training Center Office

MMD Student Association Office